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Martini-pod vs. 2.0

March 13, 2010

Instead of risking the Kool-aid with the pranksters on the bus – you can now have a highball with the hipsters in the Martini-pod.

It’s not quite done yet but this is what I have ( it was a late night last night ” you stupid program – that’s not what I wanted to do – stop trying to think for me”). The idea of the Martini-pod was to enlarge a teardrop design (in this case a Ty-Dean Custom design worked well – I purchased the plans last week and I am expecting them Monday or Tuesday – Brad is a great guy to work with). My thinking is that you can find cheap trailer frames from old ” pop-up tent trailers -modify the sides – add a 5′ wide. x 10′ long x4′ high tear drop body on top ( overly simplified but that’s the gist of it).  I use the “flip-up” hatch-back to cover a pop-out bed extension – the lid will become the roof.  The pop-out increases the bed space -opening up more space upfront .

Well thats what I have so -far, I know that the teardrops are the big draw at ….Wacky Sketch-up Projects…….. ( bigger than I was expecting )  – I will try to get some of my ISO shipping container homes here sometime soon.

Later Daddy-o’s

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  1. Jon Rohrer permalink
    March 16, 2010 11:39 am

    Hey Craig,

    Very nice designs! I really like the way they turned out on Sketch Up. I’m just starting with Sketch UP and wondered if you could give me any tips on how to learn it. I’ve gone through some of the Google training videos and “step by step’ instructions, but it is going very slow. Is there a book or something I could find to help me polish up my skills?


    Jon Rohrer

  2. March 16, 2010 12:29 pm

    Thanks Jon

    This was one of the best, free Sketch-up learning tool that I’ve found on the net and there are many videos to be found on You tube – just do a “Sketch-up Tutorial” search.
    I would imagine that if you follow through all these videos in order – taking the time to understand “Why” you are doing something as well as the “How” you could become a very competent Sketch-up user in short time. Having said that – I didn’t follow my own advice. I’ve been using Sketch-up for over a year now ( sounds like an AA meeting eh). I would play around with it making extremely bad shipping container homes – boxes are easy. I would get the idea that I wanted to make a spiral staircase or a geodesic dome or a straw bale vault – I would scour the internet for “step by step” instructions on how to build these or similar things ( there are many web groups that offer help with this – like the geodesic help group who where extremely helpful.
    The way I did it – find something I found very interesting – spend many hours fussing over how to get the little details right – get in the habit of erasing unneeded lines to clean up the model – if you erase something you need you can undo the move ( x-ray mode is very helpful for cleaning up the unneeded lines). Paint the unseen interior surfaces of something the same color as the outside ( this will stop the strobing line effect that you sometimes get) – get help when ever possible, don’t be afraid to make mistakes ( I have gigs of horrible models on my hard drive – I would send pictures of bad models to builders and architects who would be very kind and say something like ” ….cool, what is it”) and start a new model when the one you are working on starts to “bug” you – you will be surprised how fast a new model will go with everything you’ve learnt from the first – second – third…… models (mistakes are the best learning tools ever!!!!). Don’t be hard on your self – I tell myself that my new model is a lot better then the ones I made last year. It takes time – it’s frustrating ( I still think of myself as a novice hack at SK) but have fun with it. You wouldn’t be spending a good chunk of your spare time on something like this if it wasn’t fun.
    If you have any specific questions on something be sure to ask me – I’m not a pro but I do try hard at it.
    Good luck Jon.

  3. March 18, 2010 2:13 pm

    Very inspiring! My designs all live in my head- maybe I should get some of them on to paper or electrons.

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